Empty Nest Parenting

As a mother, I’ve learned when to listen, when to step in, when to negotiate, when to hold my tongue, when to help and when to surrender. There is no true guide book to being a loving parent, you have to  trust in your own innate wisdom and sometimes that means tough love too.

This is my beautiful daughter Anna, she is my baby girl. As a little girl she was always smiling, laughing and being a pickle! She has the inner and outer strength many dream of. She is a natural leader, always with friends who love to be around her. She’s passionate about sustainability, caring for animals, people and the planet. And she’s a risk taker. She thrives living her chosen alternative lifestyle as a work-away, an au pair, house sitter, traveller, life model… She’s backpacked around Morocco alone, Thailand and India. Walked along the Camino Trail in Spain wild camping. I love her free spirit and her zest for life.

As her mother, being honest, I don’t always find it easy to relate to her choices, but I do respect them. I’ve learned that loving her fully means allowing myself to roll with her choices. To surrender my fears and let them go. Anna is on her own path and I know that every day she grows, learns and tests herself. She’s making a difference to all those who she meets. I couldn’t be more proud of my girl. She teaches, inspires me, physically helps me and gives me space to question my own beliefs.
Thank you Anna for choosing me to be your Mama!

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