Empty nest grief

You may feel this incredible sense of loss once your children have grown and flown. It’s only natural that you may feel that way, especially after you’ve nurtured them for perhaps almost 2 decades, I get it. It’s the life you’ve know for such a long time. If you feel it, know that it’s normal to grieve.

Go on, feel proud of the role you played in bringing them into the world, looking after them and teaching
them how to thrive in their new found independence.

You did it Mama! You deserve a flipping medal! 🏅You’re blooming brilliant! At times it was tough, and you got through it, never giving up. All that organising, negotiating, championing, sleepless nights when they weren’t happy, sacrificing at times – you’re a blooming star for loving them so fiercely 🤩 Mama Bear! You’re the heroine. I congratulate you 🏆Big love and big respect Mama. Love you

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