6 month coaching programme


Hey love, 

It could be many things that have brought this desire for change in your life now.  As you evolve in your womanhood, natural life changes occur, some more welcome than others.  As you move towards what is commonly known as ‘being a women of a certain age’, you’ll be experiencing more of these changes – and life can feel quite different.  You may feel super successful in some areas in your life, and in others, not so much.

There is much going on for a woman in her late 40’s, 50’s and early 60’s.


And you yearn for some deep transformation


I know that you have both courage and strength within you

Saying ‘no’ to what we will no longer put up with, no longer settle for, does take courage.  I know it’s not easy.  If it was, we wouldn’t huddle in friendship circles talking about how bad it is, we’d be sharing how we’d expanded further and raised our selves even higher.  And isn’t that what you’d rather be experiencing?

I’m going to put my hand up to this.  I went around in circles for a long time, feeling like I was stuck, Ali in London-099scared to ‘get it wrong’.  And what I’ve come to know, is that being ‘brave’ means, letting go and ‘trusting’ in our belief that it will all work out, rather than making fear/ego the master of decision making.

That inner nudge, that intuitive nagging you experience is your guide.  It’s your souls calling, saying it’s safe to trust and it’s time to expand.  And you may have noticed that it won’t stop calling to you.  Living a life of regret is going to be ultimately harder, than choosing to live your life following your own inner guidence, wouldn’t you agree?

If you have desires, you’re meant to experience them.  And I know that you have all that you need inside to unlock those desires.  Sometimes, you just need a bit of help to stop going around in circles, in self doubt and someone to champion you to bring them home and to help you to see what you can’t see on your own.

Let me support you


My bespoke personal 6 month programme will deeply support you to gain the transformation you are now ready to receive, over a longer container of time.

What’s included in this 6 month programme?


    • Welcome Packet – an in-depth form for you to complete which will support you in preparation of your sessions and provide me with in depth background so I can serve your fully
    • 1 x 5 hour VIP Day – just you and me, in person or via Skype
    • 18 x 50 minute 1:1 sessions (3 per month) with Ali via Skype
    • Email support and accountability for transformation
    • Supportive exercises to help you connect with your truth, each step of the way


  • Inspiring MP3 recordings from “It’s My Time Telesummit”. 11 Expert speakers from around the UK and USA share how they knew it was their time for success and what they did next to create the life and business they desired.  Including:  Gina DeVee, Sue Stone, Victoria Player, Carly Hope, Amanda Moxley, Diane Nicholson, Helen Vandenbergh, Kate Gerry, Dawn Petherick, Dr Michelle Clarke and myself, Ali Soleil.
  • Surprise additional resources, including empowering books, MP3’s

To Find out more about working with Ali

Book in a Discovery Call to have a conversation about this programme and to feel if we’re a good match for each other, you can do that now email me directly ali@alisoleil.comtoday.

Many of my clients share with me that once they make the decision to go ahead and work with me, they feel an empowered sense of adventure and something lifts inside.  They’ve tried to make changes on their own, but it just hasn’t happened.

I know you have the courage and strength within you to create powerful results and it would be my honour to serve you, to transform your life in this new phase of your womanhood.

With love

Ali x



I love the person I’m becoming!

Yesterday it struck me how far I have come – I met Ali when I was trying to find a way forwards, it was too hard on my own.

Ali has definitely been a catalyst for change, supporting me to step up and allow my light to shine.

I love the person I am becoming as I work with Ali and I love the life that I am starting to create with her support.
Karen Lynne – The Family Angel
More clients, more motivation!

I began a three-month private coaching programme with Ali in April.  She really helped me dedicate time to focus and develop my goals, something it’s so hard to do both as a service-orientated business and sole trader – one has to wear so many hats!

As a marketer I absolutely understand the importance of strategy, objectives and target audience but all too often personal business development falls to the bottom of the list!  I’m really grateful to Ali and thankful that we could work together in this way.

Alison Page – Marketing Consultant
I have gained great results!

I have been so thrilled to have found Ali. She has helped me so much, her coaching and mentoring is getting me great results.

Her approach and support is second to none, I could not recommend her enough.

If you need to change your life to feel good about you, Ali has all the experience, tools and expertise she is a fantastic lady and a top coach. You would not find better.

Thank you Ali.
Sara Lyndley – Wellness With Food
Ali, my own very special guardian angel

I can only describe Ali as my own, very special guardian angel. She has helped me to feel great about being "me" and not to be afraid to celebrate my femininity.

I always felt safe during my sessions with Ali and knew that she genuinely wanted to help me find me and help me on my way to doing something great on my journey through life.

Anyone wanting to truly find themselves and make their heart sing can trust Ali to get them there!
Rachael Gritt




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