Embrace Your Empty Nest

Embrace being an empty nester! This time often brings more freedom to your life… It’s YOUR time now!! Does your heart yearn for new adventures? Are you unsure what’s next for you?
After the initial rawness of children flying the nest, it’s good to start focusing on YOUR own desires, what you’d like to have, do, experience or become in this next chapter of your life.

Take yourself to a quiet place, be still, close your eyes and focus on your breathing, smile. See your future self happy, healthy, confidence and successful. Tap into your inner guidance and ask yourself what’s next for me? Allow yourself time to hear your hearts desires, bursts of inspiration. Repeat this exercise often and give yourself permission to enjoy the process. Let go of any limiting self talk that bubbles up.

Keep a notebook or journal and jot down whatever comes to you (it’s easy to forget and allows you to clear your mind)

Explore each one with an open mind, even if it seems impossible or crazy. Be playful.

Choose one that you feel most drawn to, break it down each down into smaller steps.
Take the first step, It’s YOUR time now!
I’d love to hear what comes up for you and what you are choosing in this chapter of your life!

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