Have you remembered to make time for you? ‘Me time’

Would you agree that as women, it is so easy to find ourselves busy being busy and we forget about letting go and enjoying life – making time to do the things we like to do? The things that make our heart sing and give us a spring in our step. When you value your time and choose to do something for you, let go of any negative thoughts – your self esteem rises. Watch this video and comment or email me what you like to do ali@daringdamsels.com Looking forward to hearing from you.

Are you good at receiving?

After visiting the ‘powder room’ – yes, it’s really called that, we were showed to a raised seating area where afternoon tea was being served. What a wonderful time we had. As my young daughter paid the bill, I let go of the guilt and felt hugely overwhelmed by her love and kindness; it was such a spectacular birthday and I felt truly blessed. I am sharing a photo and a mini video of our time at The Ritz, I hope you enjoy.

My car has broken down and it’s ok…

Take some deep breaths and feel some gratitude for what you do have or what you do love… if you’ve just fallen out with someone – think about the reasons you became friends with them or what they do that makes you laugh – or why you love them – choose to feel appreciation for something connected with them. It’s about choice – choose to feel better. Decide to put yourself back in control rather than a victim. Ask yourself “do I want to stay feeling annoyed or would I rather feel ok, or even happy?” We tend not to make good decisions when we’re angry or annoyed.