Have You Said Hello To Your Inner Child Lately?

They are playful, using their powerful imagination, they have a sense of wonder, excitement, are open minded, laugh freely and cry freely too! They love to sing, dance, learn new things and would charge down the high street making silly noises if they felt like it. They live in the moment most of the time and are freely living their truth. Have you noticed that once we begin to develop a sense of responsibility passed to us from our families and society there come ‘rules’. Where does the fun go? Life is supposed to be fun.

You Are The Miracle!

What a perfect little bundle of joy he is. His tiny fingers with beautiful nails, his deep sparkling blue eyes opening occasionally to see the world he has just joined, his soft skin and pulled up knees, little gurgling sounds… oh he is just gorgeous! What a miracle he is. When you think how the human body can grow and nurture new life – without us having to project manage the 9 months, it really is miraculous. And once the baby is born everyone coos, smiles, compliments and says what a miracle – don’t you? So when does it happen then?

Where Is The Love?

It ‘should’ all be so simple really, shouldn’t it? We are love. We give love. We love to receive love. And yet so many of us are pushing against the flow of love and feeling the resistance – which pushes us into a negative state. When we feel fed up with our children, our partners, our friends, we can so quickly go from 0 – 60 in 5 seconds feeling anger or resentment building up inside of us. When this happens “where is the love?” And that’s it really. Where does it go in that instance?