Time for Unity & Community

Hey lovely! If you’re living in the UK or a UK ex pat no doubt you’re feeling the uncertainty we are now facing as our country, parliament and the EU reel at the outcome of the Referendum. It makes it all the more unsettling as MP’s play the blame game, resign and generally sling mud …

Live In Sydney For One Week – And Living The Dream!

I decided some time ago that I was ready to experience a fuller life, life is short isn’t it? And to realise the dreams that I desired and yet which always seemed out of reach for me. And at first it began with lots of little steps, which then I could see were giving me greater results. Saying “yes!” to doing something that takes us out of our comfort zone, really opens us to experiencing up the adventure zone! And just how alive do we feel when we follow our hearts desire? Saying yes to this, has been life changing for me.