Overcome Fear of Being Seen

Have you ever got yourself ready to post something on social media – and then thought twice about revealing something about yourself? Wanted to record a video or a Facebook Live and then found a hundred other things to do instead, like make a cup of tea, empty the dishwasher, decide the lighting isn’t right, or that your hair isn’t quite good enough today – talk yourself out of recording and sharing your message? I know I have. And that’s what I want to talk with you about today. I want you to know that the fear of being visible is normal.  We all feel that in various degrees and in different situations. The menopausal years can effect our confidence and self esteem. Fear of being visible can be the very thing that robs you of your dreams, your happiness and the life you know you’re meant to live.   I’ve put together a free workbook for you ‘How To Overcome The Fear Of Being Visible’. Inside I’ll reveal to you: Why we feel fear to be visible Coaching questions to ask yourself How to overcome the fear And how to receive empowering messages from your female ancestors Download your free workbook here. Please message me and let me know which pieces of the workbook you’ve resonated with and what you’re going to do differently as a result. You are born into this time for a reason. You are here to make a difference, to be a role model for change, to share your ‘you-ness’, your important message – and we want to hear you. Sending love from sunny Paphos, where I am this week! Ali xx      

Feeling Invisible In Midlife

I mentioned a few weeks ago about the challenges that many midlife women say they face, which is beginning to feel like they are ‘invisible’.  I’ve had some really interesting emails back from ladies on my email list and some vary from the feeling of being ‘invisible’ – to the fear of being ‘visible’. I’ve put together a detailed guide for you – ‘From Invisibility In Midlife to Feeling Good & Standing Out!’ or for short ‘The Midlife Visibility Breakthrough’.  This is particularly for you, if you’re finding yourself feeling ‘invisible’ from time to time. You’ll find my guidance, questions to ask yourself and practical exercises to support you to regain your confidence and shine brightly in any situation. Click here to read and download your copy of the guide. When we are in the midst of the menopausal years with the various hormonal symptoms we experience in our bodies – and the big changes at home that often happen at this time of our lives, it’s no wonder you can forget how blooming amazing and valuable you are and instead feel like you’re melting into the background. I’d love to hear your feedback on ‘The Midlife Visibility Breakthrough’ – so please message me via email or send me a message on Facebook and let me know! Have a great week! Much love Ali xx        

Act of kindness

Everyday you can brighten someone else’s day, just by being kind, taking an interest, giving a sincere compliment, being willing to listen, lending a hand, buying someone else’s coffee… small acts of kindness also warm your heart, give you a feeling of fulfilment and purpose. What random act of kindness can you perform today? Go on, take up the dare! Dare you! X

Embrace Your Empty Nest

Embrace being an empty nester! This time often brings more freedom to your life… It’s YOUR time now!! Does your heart yearn for new adventures? Are you unsure what’s next for you? 🌸 After the initial rawness of children flying the nest, it’s good to start focusing on YOUR own desires, what you’d like to have, do, experience or become in this next chapter of your life. ✨ Take yourself to a quiet place, be still, close your eyes and focus on your breathing, smile. See your future self happy, healthy, confidence and successful. Tap into your inner guidance and ask yourself what’s next for me? Allow yourself time to hear your hearts desires, bursts of inspiration. Repeat this exercise often and give yourself permission to enjoy the process. Let go of any limiting self talk that bubbles up. ✨ Keep a notebook or journal and jot down whatever comes to you (it’s easy to forget and allows you to clear your mind) ✨ Explore each one with an open mind, even if it seems impossible or crazy. Be playful. ✨ Choose one that you feel most drawn to, break it down each down into smaller steps. 🌸 Take the first step, It’s YOUR time now! I’d love to hear what comes up for you and what you are choosing in this chapter of your life!

Empty Nester Tips

Yes Michelle, it certainly can feel that way. Life feels really strange when the children you have devoted so much love, care and energy have flown the nest. The home is deafeningly quiet… those roles you played for years are mostly over as you knew them… cook, taxi driver, clothes launderer, entertainer, nurse… If your children are heading to Uni next month or getting ready to fly the nest, here are some coping strategies that could help. ✨ Allow yourself to feel however you feel. If you feel good, that’s great. If you feel sad, allow that. If you feel grief, that’s normal too. There is no right or wrong way to experience your empty nest. Everyone is different and it takes as long as it takes to pass through the raw feeling stage. ✨ If you feel some support would be useful, to move through this stage and explore how you’d like to create the next chapter of your life – message me, I maybe able to help (it’s something I’ve help scores of women transition through). ✨ Have some enjoyable plans in your diary for the first 6 weeks after they’ve gone. Plans to look forward to, people to connect with. Dinners out, walks with friends, cinema, picnics etc ✨ What’s something you’ve been putting off or meaning to do? It could be redecorating, decluttering, booking a holiday, a longer adventure etc. Get started! You know what it is. ✨ Join a local club or group. A rock choir, netball team, book club, yoga class. ✨ Plan when you’ll next see your son/daughter, get it in the diary. ✨ Use Skype or Messenger, text etc to catch up in between times. As much as they love you, they too are creating a new life, so allow them to lead when it comes to how often you communicate. You also want them to know you’re ok, so they don’t worry. I’d love to hear the challenges you are facing/ faced and your empty nest survival tips!