Hear me on a Podcast

I was thrilled to invited to chat with Susan Burrell recently, on her new podcast! Susan like me, is all for empowering women, especially those who are in our age group. We met earlier this year in San Diego when we both attended a retreat. She’s one incredible lady! You can listen in by clicking on the link below and scrolling down to find the episode where I’m featured. Would love to hear your feedback! https://www.ewnpodcastnetwork.com/podc…/chats-susan-burrell/

This is me!

Hi there, I’m Ali and I thought as I have new visitors to my website, I’d introduce myself. ⠀⠀ So I’m an empty nester with 2 grown daughters. My youngest Anna, celebrated her 25th birthday yesterday! 🎈How does quickly time flies. My other daughter is Becky Rui and is a personal branding photographer. ⠀⠀ I’ve been a women’s empowerment coach informally for decades (sometimes coaching took place in ladies bathrooms when a conversation would strike up as we washed our hands and I’d be asked for help 💁🏼‍♀️😂) I formally trained in 2009. It makes my heart swell with happiness when I witness my clients transform their lives – and often begin or grow their lifestyle businesses. Really does ☺️ ⠀⠀ I was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis when I was 9 years old. I’ve finally at 51 I’ve learned to acknowledge it’s presence in my body. It can be very painful especially when it flares up. Together though, we’ve experienced hip replacements, many smaller surgeries, natural child births, brought up 2 amazing daughters, travelled around the world, danced on flaming bar tops in Kavos, paracended over crystal clear waters in the Seychelles, climbed winding staircases in Germany castles. Most recently, this year spent time in San Diego, LA, visited the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, swam in the Caribbean ocean of Barbados, had an ankle replaced and watched my friends marry in Italy. My arthritis and I continue to experience life together! It doesn’t stop me from much although, it’s taken me a very long time to fully acknowledge and listen to my body’s needs (to rest, to be patient, to say no). Feels better now. ⠀⠀ I’d love to hear from you – share something below about you!

My Story of Juvenile RA

We’ve all got a story, right?  It’s our story which shapes our experiences – and yet it doesn’t need to define us unless we let it.  I felt drawn to create a video about my own experience with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, a condition which began in my body when I was just 9 years old. I trust that my video helps those who also have the condition and who may wonder how life can unfold for a young person as they approach their middle years.

Profitable Workshops Video

When Kylie Menz asked me if I would speak to her worldwide community of entrepreneurs live on a Google Hangout about creating successful workshops, my answer was immediately “yes please!” because the message for me, is always bigger than the fear (this was my first ever Google Hangout).  And I have to say, it was loads of fun – “the magic is on the other side of fear” We spoke about: Why now is the perfect time to create and host your own small workshops What you must know before you host a successful workshop The essential steps to attracting ideal clients to fill your workshops How to overcome fear of speaking to a small group Watch the full video here!  And do share your comments and feedback. And remember to sign up for your free Essential Workshop Secrets Checklist – 65 tips and checklist pieces to help you to create your most successful workshops. www.workshopsecretschecklist.co.uk And you can find out more about Kylie Menz and her weekly show here:  http://www.mylifestyleshow.tv/

Your next life chapter

Anytime is the perfect time to create a new chapter of life, do you agree? For empty nesters life begins to naturally transition. Many women choose switch careers, retrain, start lifestyle businesses at this stage of life – it’s all possible for you! 🌸 I’ve had clients who have rekindled their creative passion and gone on to create beautiful pieces of art, photography and more which bring in an additional income stream. 🌸 Some relocate, sell up and travel the world, buy their dream property abroad and start a new life with a new language – you could too! 🌸 Some choose to deepen their relationship with their partner, others open their hearts to new love – Does this sound like fun? 🌸 It’s YOUR time! What would be exciting for you? What’s your next adventure? I’d love to hear from you.