Corona Changes Us All

Isn’t it astonishing how much has changed in our world and in own personal worlds over the last 5 weeks or so? Who could have predicted this? Most of us are creatures of habit and in general we tend to stick with our usual routines. Whilst there are times when we feel restless and may crave significant change in our lives, the comfort and security we gain from continuing to live life as we have done, often out weighs the risk or fear of change. But, here we are – in the midst of a global pandemic with our lives changed in so many ways. Of course there are new concerns, uncertainty and stresses… and this ‘lock down’ also gives us all an opportunity to reflect on what we are gaining from this significant shift – this new paradigm. * What is working in your life and what needs to be changed. * What is important to you now? * What are you valuing? * Who is important to you – who are you reaching out to reconnect with? * How are you adapting? * Where are you saving – money, time, energy? * What new skills are you learning? * What are you giving yourself permission to do, be or have? * What would you like to be doing differently when life returns to some sort of ‘normal’? * What/who are you grateful for especially at this time? This morning on the Fab Friends Sisterhood Circle we all thought of a few ways that ‘lock down’ is giving us new opportunities. You may like to write a letter to your future self about what you have learned so far about yourself and your life so that you don’t slip back into the old ways when we return to some sort of ‘normal’.

The trousers said “no way!”

Since moving down to Devon just over a year ago, I’ve been so happy to living in the land of the cream tea! I’ve loved cooking up all sorts of new dishes and creating cakes and bakes galore. And it’s true that once we’re in the menopausal years, the pounds don’t tend to shed so quickly – I always used to be healthily slender – no more.  It isn’t something I’m overly concerned about, but when I tried on some new trousers in my local city after Christmas, I’m sure I could hear them scream at me “ha ha! I don’t think so – who are you kidding?”.  “Any good?”  the shop assistant said. I replied “no… they are something to aim for”. So as last year I was pretty sedentary before and following my ankle replacement operation – and didn’t meet many local people in my new area – it’s all going to change! Slimming World have groups in Honiton and after turning up on the wrong day the first week “why won’t the door open?” Oh yeah… “it’s not Tuesday”… I enrolled the following week. It’s been quite fun exploring the concept of weight loss and health benefits – not to mention which sugary and fatty foods I could be swapping or cutting out. Body image is important to us all, it’s part of your identity – partly what makes you, you. So looking after my body is something I need to take a little more care about – after all, I live within it. So last week I lost my first 1.5lbs just by cutting out the cakes, biscuits and chocolate and ramping up my intake of fresh fruit.  I’ll let you know how I get on!

Go where you feel inspired!

Love this Maya Angelo quote! If you feel that you’ve become stuck in a rut, or living your life half empty – go where you’ll feel inspired, connect with people who naturally raise you up or read books that have you aha-zing like crazy! Maybe a walk in nature, where you live will do it for you? There are always so many incredible breath taking things to witness in or along our parks, rivers, seasides, country lanes or back gardens. I’ve been fortunate to visit Rome a few times. Now that’s definitely one of those places where my breath was taken away. So much ancient history right around every corner. Simply beautiful and for an amateur history geek like me, it’s always jaw dropping and breath taking! – What does it for you? Go, fill yourself up! You’ll have so much more to give when your own tank is full 🤩 and you’ll feel renewed and more purposeful every time! ⠀⠀ Happy Sunday ❤️ Make it happen.

Are you more ‘Scullery Maid’?

I have a confession, I remember a time when I was all things to all people. I was very good at giving and struggled at receiving, can you relate? I would typically put other people’s needs way ahead of my own and over the years, I started to forget who I was, what was important to me. It was hard to say “no” to others even when I was overwhelmed and often fell into bed at night exhausted and resentful. I was more ‘scullery maid’ than ‘Queen’ of my castle. Does this sound familiar? Being a Mum, a partner, a woman in business, a daughter, a friend, doesn’t mean being a ‘door mat’ or being last on the list. Awaken. This week practice ✨ Being mindful of where you’re giving away your power and energy. ✨ Open yourself up to receiving. ✨Set clear boundaries which honour you, make it your responsibility to keep them firm. ✨ Practice saying “no” when something isn’t in your best interests. ✨ Have your needs met, by sharing what’s important to you. ✨ Delegate to others, you don’t have to do it all! ✨ Make time for YOU this week. There’s no badge of honour for burning yourself out or being a martyr! This is your life gorgeous, be the Queen of your castle and enjoy it! 👑

I Believe In This

I believe in the necessity of community and soul sister circles where we can be seen, heard and safely uncover our truth in an often confusing and patriarchal world. Where we can put down the social mask we’ve each learned to wear for our self protection, where we can stop pretending everything is ok – when it’s not. A space for clarity, break through and new beginnings. We can live the full expression of who we are and make the biggest difference just by being true to ourself. I take a stand for you. Women over 50 we are rising together! I’m looking forward to hosting new retreats this year, to create this space for your truth to be witnessed