Overcome Fear of Being Seen

Have you ever got yourself ready to post something on social media – and then thought twice about revealing something about yourself? Wanted to record a video or a Facebook Live and then found a hundred other things to do instead, like make a cup of tea, empty the dishwasher, decide the lighting isn’t right, or that your hair isn’t quite good enough today – talk yourself out of recording and sharing your message? I know I have. And that’s what I want to talk with you about today. I want you to know that the fear of being visible is normal.  We all feel that in various degrees and in different situations. The menopausal years can effect our confidence and self esteem. Fear of being visible can be the very thing that robs you of your dreams, your happiness and the life you know you’re meant to live.   I’ve put together a free workbook for you ‘How To Overcome The Fear Of Being Visible’. Inside I’ll reveal to you: Why we feel fear to be visible Coaching questions to ask yourself How to overcome the fear And how to receive empowering messages from your female ancestors Download your free workbook here. Please message me and let me know which pieces of the workbook you’ve resonated with and what you’re going to do differently as a result. You are born into this time for a reason. You are here to make a difference, to be a role model for change, to share your ‘you-ness’, your important message – and we want to hear you. Sending love from sunny Paphos, where I am this week! Ali xx      

Feeling Invisible In Midlife

I mentioned a few weeks ago about the challenges that many midlife women say they face, which is beginning to feel like they are ‘invisible’.  I’ve had some really interesting emails back from ladies on my email list and some vary from the feeling of being ‘invisible’ – to the fear of being ‘visible’. I’ve put together a detailed guide for you – ‘From Invisibility In Midlife to Feeling Good & Standing Out!’ or for short ‘The Midlife Visibility Breakthrough’.  This is particularly for you, if you’re finding yourself feeling ‘invisible’ from time to time. You’ll find my guidance, questions to ask yourself and practical exercises to support you to regain your confidence and shine brightly in any situation. Click here to read and download your copy of the guide. When we are in the midst of the menopausal years with the various hormonal symptoms we experience in our bodies – and the big changes at home that often happen at this time of our lives, it’s no wonder you can forget how blooming amazing and valuable you are and instead feel like you’re melting into the background. I’d love to hear your feedback on ‘The Midlife Visibility Breakthrough’ – so please message me via email or send me a message on Facebook and let me know! Have a great week! Much love Ali xx        

Go where you feel inspired!

Love this Maya Angelo quote! If you feel that you’ve become stuck in a rut, or living your life half empty – go where you’ll feel inspired, connect with people who naturally raise you up or read books that have you aha-zing like crazy! Maybe a walk in nature, where you live will do it for you? There are always so many incredible breath taking things to witness in or along our parks, rivers, seasides, country lanes or back gardens. I’ve been fortunate to visit Rome a few times. Now that’s definitely one of those places where my breath was taken away. So much ancient history right around every corner. Simply beautiful and for an amateur history geek like me, it’s always jaw dropping and breath taking! – What does it for you? Go, fill yourself up! You’ll have so much more to give when your own tank is full 🤩 and you’ll feel renewed and more purposeful every time! ⠀⠀ Happy Sunday ❤️ Make it happen.

6 Steps to Freedom

Are you really loving what you’re doing?  Or are you doing it because you think you have to? Have you found yourself doing something in your life that you don’t actually enjoy doing but you feel you should keep on doing it anyway?  Maybe you watched your own mother doing it?  Maybe you took on a role early on and now it seems like it’s your responsibility, and yours alone. Perhaps you are a perfectionist and if you didn’t do ‘it’ properly, you’d feel unhappy or give yourself a hard time?  It’s good to check in with yourself how important that actually is to you, or is that just a habit too?  Who do you think will really be judging you?  Who taught you to be a perfectionist?  Does what they said, really matter now?  You can set yourself free. It’s a great idea to take a moment every few months to create an inventory of your life and business tasks.  As you grow, expand your life and business, you’ll find that you can let go of some tasks.  You can pay someone else to help you, you can delegate or you can just stop doing them all together.   And that can feel quite strange at first – and exhilarating too. When I first hired a Virtual Assistant to help me in my business, I wondered if I could afford it, so I just hired her for a few hours a month.  It felt so strange letting go and handing over.  Taking that step though, helped me to expand and my business grew quickly as a result. You’ll find that by letting go, you let something new in.  You’ll have more time to focus on what you truly love to do.  You may create new space for new clients to come in.  You’ll feel lighter and more energetic, inspired which will have you attracting more ideas and lightness into your life. Here’s where to begin: 1) Make a list of every task you do each day/week/month in your life e.g. Laundry, clean home, food shopping… 2) Make a list of everything you do each day/week/month in or on your business e.g. prepare social media marketing, write a blog, work with clients… 3) Go through your lists and score them off on a scale of 1 – 10, with one being that you don’t enjoy the task and 10 being that you love the task.  Feel into the energy of each item.  Does it light you up, or does it feel heavy or draining? 4) What right now is zapping your time and energy – or just doesn’t feel fun to you?   Look at everything that scores less than a ‘7’ and go through each again and consider what you don’t enjoy about the task. If you took some training, would it be easier, quicker and more enjoyable? Do you have to do it, or come someone else take on that role? What can be delegated – and to whom? What could make it more enjoyable? Does it have to be done at all?  Who says it does? 5) If you stop, delegate or gain some training on those tasks with a lower score, what difference will this mean to you?  What will you gain?  What will you lose?  If you have more time, how will you use or enjoy that time? 6) When will you begin to make these shifts?  Today, this week?  Or will you put it off until another time? Remember, if you want things to change, you have to make them change and it is ok to break the family patterns of ‘it has to be done this way’ or ‘we’ve always done it this way’.  You can do that.  Let it begin with you.    

Keep Going!

There maybe times in your business when you just wonder if it’s all worth it… You may feel like giving up… Throwing the towel in because it feels like such a mountain, wondering where your clients are, feeling exhausted, feeling invisible. I want you to know you’re doing great. All entrepreneurs go through highs and lows in their businesses – it’s a universal law of polarity. You will get through this time, the work YOU have been chosen to do, is needed in the world – and right now you are just a few feet from gold. Keep going. Yes – make some tweaks, get supported by a coach (I’m here for you) find a mastermind buddy, take small and big consistent steps steps every day and spend more time visualising and feeling success and less time locked in doubt and fear. You can do this! I believe in you! ☀️