Banish Self Doubt Now!

Do you ever find yourself holding back because you worry what others may be thinking about you?  You know that creating a video sharing your message could support you to reach your audience, but you fear criticism coming at you?

Maybe you find yourself poised over your keyboard with a heart-full of meaningful sharing – and then you hold back.  What if no one wants to read it?

If this resonates with you – I urge you this week to:

1)   Write down ALL the fears that your ego is telling you.  Get them down on paper – they may be:

  • “No one will sign up for my new programme”
  • “Prospects won’t pay my fees”
  • “No one knows I exist – let alone wants to work with me”
  • “I don’t look/sound as good as my peers so I can’t make a credible video”

Having fears like these can seriously suck all the fun out of having your own business!  And it can keep you paralysed from moving forward.  I know, because I get them cropping up too and we have to keep them in check.

2)         Go through each fear once you’ve ‘heart and head dumped’ them onto paper and acknowledge them for what they are – stories.

3)         Take a deep breath and feel some love for yourself.

4)         Find all the reasons why each one is not true.  Write down examples of when either you or someone you know had a more favourable experience.  Eg Who do you know that sells programmes?  Has high end clients?  So it’s possible for you too?

5)         Create a new sheet of paper with a list of new positive statements.

  • “I have x number or steady flow of clients signing up for my programme”
  • “Prospects are eager to work with me and pay my fees with ease”
  • “Those who’s lives I touch know of me and are ready to work with me”
  • “I honour my voice and my body, I create powerful videos which serve my Ideal Clients”

6)         Every morning, include in your morning ritual reading out loud these positive statements – imagine the difference they can have on your energy, your sense of fun and success!

Call in these Ideal Clients who are ready to work with you!  They are waiting and willing to pay you.

And as always Expect a Miracle!

Have a great week – do share with me by pressing ‘reply’ how you get on with this miracluous exercise!

With love

Ali x

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