Are you more ‘Scullery Maid’?

I have a confession, I remember a time when I was all things to all people. I was very good at giving and struggled at receiving, can you relate?

I would typically put other people’s needs way ahead of my own and over the years, I started to forget who I was, what was important to me. It was hard to say “no” to others even when I was overwhelmed and often fell into bed at night exhausted and resentful.

I was more ‘scullery maid’ than ‘Queen’ of my castle. Does this sound familiar? Being a Mum, a partner, a woman in business, a daughter, a friend, doesn’t mean being a ‘door mat’ or being last on the list. Awaken.

This week practice

Being mindful of where you’re giving away your power and energy.

Open yourself up to receiving.

Set clear boundaries which honour you, make it your responsibility to keep them firm.

Practice saying “no” when something isn’t in your best interests.

Have your needs met, by sharing what’s important to you.

Delegate to others, you don’t have to do it all!

Make time for YOU this week. There’s no badge of honour for burning yourself out or being a martyr!

This is your life gorgeous, be the Queen of your castle and enjoy it!

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