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1 year ago
As a vibrant woman, in her late forties, I knew that I was stuck when I …

Introvert challenges

1 year ago
I try to be a good partner, but I admit that I'm aware that I’ve been a…

Yes YOU Can!

1 year ago
It’s amazing how much you can fit in when you have a deadline, isn’t …

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1 year ago
Your willingness to create a better life for yourself holds the key to y…

Now confident in who I am – my business is blossoming and so am I

Lesley Beattie, Your Organisational Angel

I have gained great results!

Sara Lyndley, Wellness With Food

I love the person I am becoming!

Karen Lynne, The Family Angel

More clients, more motivation!

Alison Page, Marketing Consultant

My confidence has grown and I believe in myself

Isobel Gatherer, The Listening Aunt

I’m doing things now that I could never have imagined I’d achieve

Jackie Conlan, Clutter Clear Solutions

Huge shifts in both my personal development and my business

Alison Schewitz, Core Creation

Now living my dream – in France!

Janine Wood, Life Coach

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